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Leaders-In-Training Directors

Two Leaders-In-Training Directors are equal partners in carrying out the LIT program for Camp Douglas.  Extensive planning is required before the summer starts, so these two people must be able to meet with each... Read More

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Worship/Cabin Leader Support (WCLS)

The Worship/Cabin Leader Support person is not responsible for leading each and every worship service, but rather for organizing, guiding and helping the people who will lead each morning worship, campfire, and... Read More

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Program Director

The Program Director, in coordination with the Camp Directors, is responsible for planning the daily activities.  Program staff will work with the Worship Director to integrate the Bible study themes into the daily... Read More

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Waterfront Director

The Waterfront Director is responsible for conducting camper swim tests, waterfront training of staff & volunteers, supervision of all waterfront activities, maintenance of waterfront equipment and enforcement... Read More

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First-Aid Attendant

The First-Aid Attendant is responsible for collecting, recording and distributing medication, providing first-aid to staff and campers who are sick or injured, and monitoring the cleanliness of the camp environment,... Read More

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Kitchen Assistant

The Kitchen Assistant works full-time in the kitchen, aiding the Cook with meal preparation, clean up, stock organization, hydration supply and meal service.  The Kitchen Assistant will aid in training volunteers... Read More

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Cabin Leaders

Cabin Leaders are responsible for constant care and supervision of campers through out the week.  Cabin Leaders are paired with a different partner each week.  The partnered Cabin Leaders sleep in a cabin with 6-10... Read More

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Summer Administrator

The Administrator works closely with the Camp Director to handle organization, communication, publicity, and registration. He/she organizes transportation to and from the camp including checking in & dropping... Read More

Staff and Volunteer Applications Are Open!

Staff and volunteer applications are open for summer 2018! Submit your application by February 2, 2018. Interviews will be held February 6th and 8th. Application forms for staff and volunteer positions (and Senior... Read More