Camp Douglas is a Place, a Plan, and an Experience.

  • Camp Douglas is a Place. It is located in a beautiful, outdoor setting on the Sunshine Coast

of British Columbia, and it is an opportunity for children and adults to develop an

awareness and appreciation for God’s beautiful and diverse creation. It encourages

the development of a greater understanding of the natural world, and of our role in it

as stewards of the environment.

  • Camp Douglas is a Plan. The shorter catechism1 states that “the chief end of man is to

glorify God and to enjoy him forever”. If campers are in an atmosphere where they

feel close to God and are challenged with his Word, they will make decisions for

Christ. Every activity begins with a sincere concern about every camper’s

relationship with God, and therefore, all curriculum and activities must be Christcentred,

child and Word related. This also means that the Camp leadership, Staff and

Volunteers are involved in Christian ministry and must be mature Christians. They

must also be encouraged, trained, and supported in their personal relationships with

Christ, so that they can relate to the campers and grow along with them.

  • Camp Douglas is an Experience. It is an intentional community of people whose

overriding purpose is to live in loving and harmonious relationships with each other,

modelling the love and relationship of Jesus Christ and His church. Camping ministry

is filled with fun activities – such as knuckleball, hiking, archery, Triple H, and

campfire – but the focus is to create relationships which demonstrate the love of

Jesus Christ for each and every person. Camp is people-centred, not program-centred.

It is most importantly Christ-centred.