Commitment to Campers & Parents  

At Camp Douglas we are blessed to be entrusted to care for campers. We have worked to earn  that trust through a dedicated focus on the following areas:  

  • Safety: We prioritize the safety of campers and staff by ensuring best practices in first aid, waterfront supervision, staff to camper ratios, minimizing risks, and practicing emergency procedures.  
  • Inclusivity: Each camper that comes to camp is a child of God. Every camper has value and is welcomed into the community at Camp Douglas.  
  • Staff: Staff members are mature Christians that have been carefully selected through a best practices hiring process which includes an application, 2 references, interview, criminal record check, and pre-camp and on-site training.  
  • Challenge by Choice: We work to develop self-esteem and resiliency in campers by challenging them at an age appropriate level. At Camp Douglas we value the concept of challenge by choice which means that campers have the choice at the end of the day. Provided that a camper maintains the standards of conduct required by our policies, all staff must respect the choice of the camper.  
  • Christ-Centred: A day at camp revolves around the worship of Christ.  
  • Fun: We value a program that is fun for campers. We strive to incorporate new and interesting program options, moulding our programs to suit the needs of campers.  
  • Releasing Campers: Campers will not be released to anyone except the responsible parent or guardian unless there is permission from the parent or guardian that is confirmed by the Camp Director.  
  • Protection of Personal Information: We are committed to providing our campers and families with exceptional service. As providing this service involves the collection, use and disclosure of some personal information about our campers and families protecting their personal information is one of our highest priorities. See the Personal Information Protection Policy for more details.