Camp Douglas hires a wonderful group of young leaders each summer. All Camp Douglas Staff and Volunteers are 17 years of age or older. All are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to the children and youth who attend Camp Douglas each year. Camp Douglas Staff are trained on and offiste for one week.

We have 6 personal values and 6 performance values that we look to develop in all of our staff members.


1. Personal Faith Growth - A committed relationship with Jesus Christ, a mature, growing

faith and the freedom to share the same.

2. Genuine Appreciation of Campers - A genuine understanding of and caring for children

3. Self-Care and Health Consciousness - Behaving in a manner which maintains your

physical, emotional, and spiritual health and allows others to do the same.

4. Willingness to work - Completing your duties as assigned in your job description to the

best of your abilities and stepping outside your program area to help.

5. Contribution to Community - Enhancing the camp community through humour,

enthusiasm, sharing your talents, and encouragement.

6. Ability to Work with Feedback - Ability to put constructive feedback into action and

move forward with it.


1. Reliability and Integrity- Working and living in a way that pleases God and further

develops a relationship with Him.

2. Job Performance- Skill and proficiency in carrying out assignments.

3. Ability to work independently and as part of a team- Manage your working

assignments. An ability to be a team player and an ability to complete tasks


4. Effective communication- Following communication protocol. Communicating

effectively with campers, staff, and Director.

5. Problem Solving- Utilizing resources to help solve the problem and knowing when to

ask for help.

6. Safety conscious- Observant and vigilant, conscious of your own boundaries, knowing

when to seek help, following appropriate safety procedures.