Camp Douglas is fully staffed and equipped to offer a stimulating and structured program. Many of our activities not only teach skills, but encourage creativity. While younger campers go to bed earlier than older campers, a typical Camp Day would look like this:

7:00 AM Polar Dip

  • Nothing like a morning swim, chilly but exhilarating and always optional!

7:30 AM Chapel

  • Our outdoor chapel serves as the ideal location of singing and learning

8:00 AM Breakfast

  • Teddy bears, bed heads, pajamas are just some of the themes!

9:00 AM Cabin Clean + Duties

  • Keeps us all healthy and things running smoothly

9:30 AM Bible Study

  • Worshi and an inspiring Bible lesson led by the Worship Director

10:30 AM Waterfront

  • Beach walk, kayak, boat races and more!

12:00 PM Lunch Prep 

  • Get yourselves in shape for a theme meal: Monk's Meal, Shipwreck or Dress Up Your Cabin Leader!

12:30PM Lunch

  • Lots of singing and tradition are found here!

1:30PM HHH (Happy Horizontal Hour)

  • Enjoy a "tuck" deliver (goodies from the camp store thanks to Weezie_ and rest up for the afternoon

2:30PM Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Nature walk, knuckle ball, bracelet making, wood burning - your choice!

4:00PM Free Swim

  • Beach lounging, flotilla to the raft, guitar playing and swimming

5:00PM Dinner Prep

  • Dress up for our Formal Dinner, Christmas in July or Backwards Meal

5:30PM Dinner

  • More singing .. and oh yes we eat too (thanks to Pinky)!

6:30PM Field Games

  • Campwide games that get the heart pumping and the laughter rolling

7:00PM Evening Program

  • Grand adventures where characters from the week’s theme visit and set us up for games like Capture the Flag and Mission Impossible

8:30PM Campfire

  • Chaplains tell stories, praises are sung and marshmellows make an appearance

9:00PM Mug Up

  • Snack time! Thank you to all of those who donate cookies :)

9:15PM Devotions

  • Cabin Leaders spend time leading devotions in each cabin

9:30PM Lights Out

  • Time to get some rest for tomorrow's adventures!