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Summer camp is a place filled with fun activities, many of which campers rarely get to experience outside of camp. That is the beauty of camp along with the creativity of the weekly themes. This past summer there were a variety of weekly themes including "Once Upon A Time," "Lego," and "Carnival". During "Once Upon a Time" week, Captain Hook, participated in more than just the evening program skit. I loved that one morning the Small Fry campers were participating in a treasure hunt on the beach and Captain Hook met them at the beach and joined in looking for the goods! My favourite times at camp are when the characters jump into the camp sessions for some fun! - Captain Hook was so pleased when the Small Fry's found their gold coins and shared them with each other. The joy and excitement on the campers face as they get to interact with the characters is so precious to see.
Youth Camp 2014 also has some memories that stick out in my mind. I found it so inspiring how the staff would introduce an idea and the youth would take it even further. Every day had a special theme to it such as Moustache Monday or Temporary Tattoosday. The staff would supply the camp with the materials necessary and the campers made it happen! The team work that was developed that week was so encouraging to see, especially through the WALO game and the colour powder contest! Of course, credit is due to the fantastic staff who contributed creativity and energy to make the weekly themes just a wonderful memory to me. 
So many more precious memories of camp are with me, and these are just some highlights! 
Laura "Tumbles" Eastwood -- Program Director