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As we head into the Advent season, we invite you to prayerfully consider supporting the Camp Douglas ministry with a financial gift. As we seek to open our doors to more and more young people, regardless of their financial circumstances, here are some tangible ways that your gifts can make a difference:

  • $20 pays for tuck and a t-shirt for a camper. We have felt God’s leading to stop charging parents for camp t-shirts or snacks for 2024. This will come at a cost of about $4000 to the camp. Help support us in this step of faith by covering the cost of these items for a camper
  • $450 sponsors a camper for a week. In 2023, we committed almost $14,000 to camperships. We want to increase that this year if we can!
  • $804 pays a cabin leader for a week. We believe that part of our ministry is to provide a positive, supportive workplace for young adults. Staffing is our largest cost annually. $6030 would pay for a cabin leader for a whole summer - could you and some friends work together to support the camp in this way?