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At Camp Douglas we are very blessed to have our own waterfront property for our campers and staff to enjoy. During summer camps we visit the beach twice a day, once for a waterfront session, and again for free swim. During our waterfront sessions we do a number of fun activities. The first session is always reserved for our swim tests, this is where we observe the swimming abilities of each camper and take the necessary precautions to ensure everyone can enjoy the water safely. Then the fun begins!

One of our most popular beach games is called “staff in a box”. This game gives campers the opportunity to soak their cabin leaders with ice cold creek water using buckets and sprayers. Another activity the campers love is crab hunting; there are always crab to be found on our beach scuttling beneath the many rocks. Our older campers often enjoy paddling around in our kayaks. Sometimes we even play piano keys during which the campers can try to run from kayak to kayak without falling in to the water. No matter what activities we do during waterfront sessions campers always seem to have a blast!

 During free swim all of the leaders, campers and full time staff head down to the beach. Free swim is always a lot of fun. It’s a great time for campers from all cabins to spend time with each other and other leaders. In the water the campers can do everything from wading, to going for a swim out to our inflatable raft. For the campers who don’t want to get wet, there is always crab hunting or just sitting on the beach. It’s hard to find a free swim session where someone isn’t playing guitar or bracelet making by the seaside.

Our waterfront property is absolutely beautiful; it is such a testament to the glory of God’s creation. On occasion the cabin leaders will plan a special devotion time for their campers. This is a time where the campers can head down to the beach after the sun has set, listen to the waves, sing a few worship songs and read the bible. It is an amazing time to really connect with God in a peaceful place that he created for us to enjoy! As I said before, we are privileged to have this waterfront property that we can take full advantage of from summer to summer. Thanks be to God!