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This summer we are hiring for a combination of the following positions:  

Program Director
Head Lifeguard
First Aid Attendant
LIT Director
Program Support – Worship Specialty
Program Support – Waterfront Specialty
Head Cook
Assistant Cook
Sr. Cabin Leader
CL Support  

The combination of positions hired for will be dependent on the applicants and the skills they present. Some positions may be combined.  

Two different positions we will be hiring for this summer include the two Program Support positions. These positions assist with all areas of the program. The Program Support – Worship will also lead Bible Study. The Program Support – Waterfront will be responsible to assist the Head Lifeguard when necessary.  

We are looking to hire staff members who understand the necessity of flexibility! We need staff who can do their own job as well as pitch in wherever needed! We are looking for staff who love campers. We want to hire people who have a servant mindset and understand that sometimes doing the little jobs that go unnoticed is the most important job of the summer.   If you have any questions about staffing or the application process, feel free to contact Cheerio at