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At Camp Douglas safety is a major priority. Read how Fifa, one of the Camp Douglas Lifeguards, helps to keep campers safe on the waterfront!

 As one of the waterfront staff at Camp Douglas, I am a trained lifeguard with standard qualifications, some of which include my National Lifeguard Society certification, Standard First-Aid and CPR-C.  Additionally, I also have my Water Safety Instructor certificate which means I am certified to teach swimming lessons.

            There are always dangers when swimming in water, but at Camp Douglas we do all we can to make sure everyone is prepared to stay safe while having fun on the beach.  For staff, this involves a full review of all waterfront safety protocols and an in-water emergency procedure simulation during training week.  We also screen all staff for swimming abilities to ensure they themselves have the skill to remain safe in the water and can instead focus on swimming campers.

             Since the beach is such a large area there are several procedures implemented to keep track of all campers whereabouts at all times; these include buddy tags and cabin count.  Buddy tags are numbered tags assigned to each camper, which they flip to indicate whether they are on the beach or not.  If an emergency were to occur we can determine whom we must account for at waterfront using these tags.  Similarly, cabin count is a procedure to ensure all campers are present and safe.  During free swim, two whistle blasts signals the cabin count during which cabin leaders count all of their campers and signal to the Lifeguards when they are done.  This occurs several times during a waterfront session so that camper safety is continually being assessed.  Waterfront is one of the best parts of Camp Douglas!


-written by Claire "Fifa" Fowler