Senior LIT will return in summer 2022. 


Key Info

Ages: 16 years

What to Expect

This is a new program that allows young people who are not old enough to volunteer with the camp but have finished LIT, to extend their leadership experience. The ideal Senior LIT candidate has experience as a leader in their home congregation, and has demonstrated initiative, good judgement, and commitment to their faith during their time at camp. While the Senior LIT would still be considered a camper, they will gain further entry into the world of leadership at the camp while learning valuable skills and behind-the-scenes aspects of running a summer camp.

This program will run one week at a time. Participants who show promising leadership will be allowed to enroll for multiple weeks. Only 1-3 participants will be allowed into the program per week. Applications to the program are due two weeks before the week the participant wants to attend. Early applications are encouraged as the program has a small number of spots and early applicants will have first choice of weeks. Senior LIT does not take place during Youth camp.

You can download the application form from the downloads page.

The cost per week is $100.

 Some experiences Senior LITs will engage in:

 - Extended real-life job shadow in the area of their choice

 - Participate in an extended camp service project

 - Planning Worship, Chapel, Campfire, leading sessions and games with guidance and supervision

 - Special Devos

 - Staff Bible Study attendance

 - Cabin Leader Meeting attendance

 - Senior LIT team building, regular meetings for sharing observations, setting goals, evaluation and debriefing