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As First Aid Attendant, this person is responsible for the health, safety, and medical care of everyone at the camp. The First Aid Attendant administers all medications at the camp. All cases of injury or illness are reported to the First Aid Attendant. This person will step in to assist other staff as needed. This role calls for flexibility and an observant eye. First Aid Attendant duties include being responsible for collecting, recording and distributing medication, providing first-aid to staff and campers who are sick or injured, and monitoring the cleanliness of the camp environment, among many other things. This person must be at least 19 years old and hold a current Basic First Aid Certification – Advanced First Aid Certification is preferred. Discretion and compassion are important character traits. This person will have an understanding that God calls people to service in a variety of roles. As a support staff, this person will, as other duties allow, assist other staff members as needed in a variety of ways. This staff person must be comfortable speaking directly with parents/caregivers and medical professionals. It is advantageous if this person has their own vehicle and a valid driver’s license.