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Two Leaders-In-Training Directors are equal partners in carrying out the LIT program for Camp Douglas.  Extensive planning is required before the summer starts, so these two people must be able to meet with each other and the Camp Director during May and June. In consultation with the Camp Directors, LIT Directors are expected to plan and provide the following: a challenging out-trip suited to their particular LITs, a local service project, general leadership training for church and community, in-depth bible studies and faith development opportunities, leadership training specific to Camp Douglas, and team building activities. LIT Directors must be at least 19 years old. Preference will be given to applicants with current Basic First Aid certification and other special certificates. NLS certification is an asset. An ease for communicating, excellent listening skills and a strong faith are essential.

LIT Directors must:

  • Have experience working in a Christian camping environment (Camp Douglas strongly preferred)
  • Have experience working with teens
  • Have a strong faith in Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrate a mature character
  • Be active in their church congregation
  • Be able to model Christian leadership
  • Be able to communicate well with their co-director
  • Work well with other staff (eg. co-ordinate activities with the Program Director and Waterfront Staff)
  • Be able to take initiative and work indepentantly
  • Have conflict resolution skills
  • Be able to teach practical skills clearly 
  • Be able to lead theologically sound, spiritually deep bible studies
  • Teach Camp Douglas traditions to the LITs
  • Be able to monitor themselves and their LITs for physical and emotional well-being, and respond accordingly
  • Be able to pace themselves and practice self-care throughout the summer
  • Hold regular meetings with, prepare reports for, and otherwise be accountable to the Camp Directors