Dear friends of Camp Douglas, 

These past months have been a time of adjustment for everyone – adaptation to new levels of social isolation, to children at home instead of in school, to work online where it is possible, to precautions taken against a virus too small to see which has had such visible and enormous effects on our lives. We have adjusted to a situation changing day by day and week by week.

Friends, at this point we do not know if we will be able to run camp this summer. The Presbyterian Church in Canada defers to federal and provincial health authorities, and our accrediting body, the BC Camps Association, is in regular contact with the Government of BC concerning the situation. We, too, are waiting for the provincial government before we make a final decision about the summer. It is hard to face the prospect that this could be a summer without camp, but the health and welfare of our children are too precious to risk.

We will know about this time next month whether or not camp will be possible this summer. In the meantime, we want to reassure you that if camp is cancelled, we will refund your registration in full, minus the online registration fee charged by ACTIVE (this is a fee charged by the web system, not by Camp Douglas).

Amid all this change, some things have not changed. We will keep you and your communities in our prayers. We will find ways to stay connected over the summer, whether that will be in person or through other means. And we look forward to seeing you again, whether that will be this summer or the next.

Peace be with you.

Thistle and Chico