We have so much to be thankful for and would like to take the time to thank the following people.

Thank you to John and Miriam Fleming for finding and donating choir gowns.

Thank you to the Ladies Evening Fellowship of Haney Presbyterian Church for donating a stand mixer and other kitchen goodies.

Thank you to Andrea Twitchett for donating a food processor.

Thank you to the Calvin Presbyterian Sunday School children for donating a new walkie talkie set.

Thank you to the following folks for their generous donations to Camp Douglas:
Julia and Frank Keis, Delwen and Verna Stander, Pat Rigden, Carmen and Ron Tiessen, Brian and Debra Dennehy, Katherine Friesen, The Presbyterian Women’s Society, Ronald and Jackie McFee, Dorothy Spence, David and Jean McCombe, Valerie L. J. Duina, Pamela K. Wong, The Hermes Lodge Theosophical Society, Rev. R. C. Garvin, Olive W. Grant, Ruth Parker, Rick Zimmer, Ann Woensdregt, Barbara Foulis, Margaret Sinclair, Rev. Robert M. Pollock, The Janet Thompson Group, Margaret Stuart, Susan Reaveley, Jennifer Reaveley, Martin Lum, Rev. Robert Allison, Steven Filyk, Janet Eastwood, Ian and Barbara Rokeby, Beryl Bremner, Robert and Wilma Radbourne, Abe and Anne Friesen, Ian Jackson, Ruth Chuen, Beryl Cunningham, Glen Davis, Arlene and Donald Duffm, Margaret McNaughtan, Douglas and Julie McSavaney, Teunis and Margaret Plomp, Laurel Gorman, Dorothy Thompson, Tucker and Jennie Goodwin, Bryan and Joan Quinlan, Kenneth McIntosh, Helen Marshall, Dr. Olive Sinclair, Lorraine Hardy, Margaret Williams, Cathie Nielsen, John Mills, Robert and Lorraine Cornish, Clarabeth McIntosh & Irene Sandie.

Did we miss someone? If you know something we should be thankful for and it isn’t on the above fledgling list, give us a shout so we can express our thanks to our generous supporters!